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Back to School: bento lunchbox for lazy moms

I must admit, I’m sort of a lazy mom. I’m can’t set myself to make cute bento lunchboxes, but I do want to make my 4 year old be happily surprised when she opens up her lunchbox.

That’s why I love these mini lunchbox notes: just make a peanutbutter sandwich, toss in a mini-cheese and a banana, and then finish that off with a cute little note – easy peasy! And they come with extra stickers too, which you can use to jazz up a banana or a sandwichbag.

Another thing on bento lunchboxes for kids: my kids are good eaters, but they’re not particulary fond of riceballs and nori.. which are the main ingredients for a lot of amazing bento boxes. But today I stumbled upon the great bento blog ‘What’s for Lunch’. This mom makes bento lunch boxes for her kids AND her hubby, and she makes them with wholegrain bread and cheese – more the ingredients that normally go in our lunchboxes too. Above you see two great examples of her work, which seem reasonably doable…

— like the mini lunchbox notes? You can order them at the wonderful shop Paper Source, right here! —

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